Ganymede's Girls - Overwatch/Gaming group for women

I found and joined this group that focuses on providing resources and a safe space for women who want to be competitive in Overwatch. It's called Ganymede's Girls and it's super great. I think I got extremely lucky because my teammates have become some of my closest friends, lol. They're so smart, funny and supportive I am in absolute aw of them. I love that groups like this exist. I would love to find some more non-binary focused groups as well as some LGBTQIA focused groups. Loving it. 

How to play Overwatch on a Mac

So if you're like me, you saw Overwatch and got SUPER excited. But then you noticed the big PC ONLY flag waving all over the place, and thought: "Noooooooo!". Like you, I was heartbroken, and while consoling myself with my PS4 Overwatch (get it "consoling" hehe), I was determined to play Overwatch on my iMac. No matter what! And here is my experience:

To start off my feelings of having Windows on my mac are meh, but for Overwatch, I was willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING. 

So after much research, here's how to get Overwatch on your/my mac:

  1. Accept the fact that you will need to have Windows on your machine. This may seem incredibly obvious, but some people just outright REFUSE to use Windows on their (beloved) macs. So wipe any tears away, and look forward to competitive on Numbani instead.
  2. Determine which mac you're dealing with, and see if it can handle a PC life. Apple has a bunch of webpages with information on which machines can run certain Windows operating systems (thanks, Apple). Here's a good start, so take a look at your model and your specs, and determine whether or not your machine can actually handle Windows.  Macbook Airs (especially earlier than 2012) might have a tough time running another operating system, plus, they usually have very little storage. Your older mac might be able to get by with Windows 10 (like mine does*), but you might risk having issues with your graphics card and other drivers.
  3. Get Windows. This might seem straightforward, but you really need to consider step 2 and choose the right operating system for your mac. Honestly, all stores (including Windows online) only sell the latest OS, which is Windows 10 (as of July 2016). So if you have a much older mac and you think you'd rather have 7 or 8.1, plan to find a legal copy of those somehow. Also, some macs and/or Bootcamp versions need the Windows ISO burned onto a DVD, which can be an issue since Windows 10, for example, comes in a USB stick. Good news is, you are able to download the ISO from the Windows/Microsoft website, but you need the Windows 10 key to do so (and a blank DVD).
  4. Follow Apple's instructions on using Bootcamp to install your Windows partition. Some people use Parallels, but from my research it is not very reliable for gaming, ESPECIALLY for Overwatch. So if you need Overwatch (face it: we all do), go with Bootcamp. Click on Bootcamp assistant, and follow the steps to make your Windows partition. I set aside 120 GB, but that's up to you.
  5. Install Overwatch. So you've managed to get this far and have Windows on your mac, and it's ACTUALLY WORKING. Then go ahead, my friend, and install our beloved Overwatch and VOILA!! Now you can Tracer your way to freedom. Cheers, love.

*I have the late 2010 27" iMac with a 2.93 i7 processor. According to Apple's website, Windows 10 is not ideal for my computer. However, I installed it anyway using Bootcamp and it works just fine. I set aside 100-200GB for my Windows partition, and it's good so far. If you want to be a pro, though, I highly recommend getting a computer with better performance for OW.

So there we have it! Now you can run Overwatch on your mac! Woot! Total cost is around $200 for the game, Windows 10, and some blank DVDs. If you have any questions let me know! It's sort of tough to understand at first, but it works!




I love this game. I LOVE this game.

FPS usually scare me, not gonna lie. But this game... I love. It is so fun, I love the range of characters. I love the music. I love the sound effects. I love the voice acting. I love it all. So fun to play.

I saw a friend stream it for a bit, got it on PS4, LOVED IT, got it on my mac, crying tears of joy since then. Worth it 100%.

Thank you, Overwatch, for existing. Also, please deal with the SUPER problematic skins you have for many characters including Pharah and Symmetra. Thanks.