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Ganymede's Girls - Overwatch/Gaming group for women

I found and joined this group that focuses on providing resources and a safe space for women who want to be competitive in Overwatch. It's called Ganymede's Girls and it's super great. I think I got extremely lucky because my teammates have become some of my closest friends, lol. They're so smart, funny and supportive I am in absolute aw of them. I love that groups like this exist. I would love to find some more non-binary focused groups as well as some LGBTQIA focused groups. Loving it. 



I love this game. I LOVE this game.

FPS usually scare me, not gonna lie. But this game... I love. It is so fun, I love the range of characters. I love the music. I love the sound effects. I love the voice acting. I love it all. So fun to play.

I saw a friend stream it for a bit, got it on PS4, LOVED IT, got it on my mac, crying tears of joy since then. Worth it 100%.

Thank you, Overwatch, for existing. Also, please deal with the SUPER problematic skins you have for many characters including Pharah and Symmetra. Thanks.